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Anthony Garcia - Meet the Artist

Anthony Garcia Caloca is a visual artist, producer and photographer from Santa Ana, California.

“What inspires me to be an artist is the satisfaction of letting out on material with no limits and only urge.”

He loves to show and teach others art. Anthony hopes his art gives people the motivation to let go on canvas. To find ways to grow, meditate, vibrate higher and present their unique perspectives.

Some of his future plants are to be a full time artist and DJ. “I plan to expand all 3 of my hobbies to it’s infinite and help within the world, our environment and expressive community.”

Some showcases Anthony has been featured in,

•Springdale Stitches ‘2015

•Crystal Bridges x Stitches “illuminate” ‘2015

•Arts Center of The Ozark's ‘2015

•214 ‘2022

Follow Anthony:


Art : @pariiguo

Photo: @bosomsey

Music: @glitzsy

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